Burhani Linux

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Get Involved

Get Involved.

Thanks for Your Support

The Burhani Linux project receives a great deal of support from its community of users and we would like to thank each and every contributor for participating. We are growing fast and our distribution is getting better every day thanks to you.

It is very easy to make a difference. Depending on your skill set, your availability, and on your wealth you can help Burhani Linux in one or more of the following ways:

Financial help


You can help by making a financial contribution to the project. Due to revenue from advertisements and your donations, the Burhani Linux project can afford to buy dedicated servers, advertising campaigns, new hardware and equipment, and to provide an income for the development team.

Support and promotion

Spreading the word

If you like Burhani Linux, let people know. Write a review and publish it on distrowatch.com. Talk about it with your friends and the people around you.

Project contributions.

Bug reports

If you've noticed something that doesn't work properly while using Burhani Linux, let us know. The problem you have discovered is likely to affect others as well; The sooner we know about it, the sooner we're able to fix it.


If you are talented in graphic design and willing to contribute to the project. Whether it's a simple wallpaper, an icon set, a splash screen, or even a new logo, we're always interested to hear from you about new artwork. Please send us your creations and artwork to [email protected].


Most of our code will be on launchpad as it gets easier to compile and distribute versions of code. Here is the link